Family of Faith

Christ Standard Mission International is a ministry that propagates the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST beyond the walls of church and boarders of all nations. CSMI is passionate about reaching out to the lost souls (sinners) because that is the heartbeat of GOD. We are inspired by the life of our LORD JESUS CHRIST how HE moved from places to places disciplining the people and teaching them about the kingdom of GOD without the limitations of walls and borders. CSMI is determined to meet both the physical and the spiritual needs of the people as our LORD JESUS catered for everyone such that HE laid HIS life on the cross for the redemption of all.

Also, we are the ministry of all ministries by giving every believer opportunity to serve the LORD using their various gifting for the edification of HIS church. We believe in biblical doctrines, and teaches solely the undiluted word of GOD according to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT. CSMI readily integrates into the communities via programs and events that proliferate the message of our LORD JESUS to different age groups most especially the youth. We move as the LORD leads, and wittingly accommodate people who accept CHRIST into their lives irrespective of their past, colour, and background.

CSMI is preparing GOD’S people for the second coming of the LORD JESUS.